Our Story

Earth Wind Desire is our artistic/love story: a return to nature and to ourselves, we want to convey that experience to our customer through each piece of art.

Before we met, Daniel traveled around the EU as part of a motor racing team and behind his 4 walls in the micro remains of time he made and hid art that he believed no one deserved to see and that it could not be a job.
Larisa had the experience of living in Tokyo among 36 million people and intensively dealt with the topic of how the urban environment causes stress. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, she dreamed of being an art collector on a cruising ship, wanted to develop and manage own art brand.

With love at first sight, the matching of complementary skills was obvious. We immediately moved to nature and escaped from the urban environment, together we searched for the remains of the material from which Daniel began to create art. After 1.5 years, we bought an abandoned cottage in the middle of nowhere and turned it into an art oasis where we now live and create.

Aesthetics, sustainability, art and an object that can take you on a journey.

The tactility of natural materials, a return to nature on multiple levels, from the creation to the consumption of the product and the play of sea and salt with the Sun.

We create because we believe that an object can take you on a journey through the touch of natural materials on multiple levels.