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Aromatherapy Set Burin

Aromatherapy Set Burin

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The average employee in Europe spends 2,000 hours at work. Although you are successful in your career and the workplace fulfills you and allows you to live your passion, there is always a way to make your work environment a more attractive and productive place. Enrich it with an organic combination of BURIN aromatherapy set that brings a breath of freshness and inspiration.    

Natural and functional, Earth Wind Desire handmade wooden diffuser turns your home into a small Mediterranean oasis. Enjoy the scent that will prepare you for the day or relieve you of accumulated stress.

The set contains:

1. ECOCERT BIOETERICA organic blend of Burin essential oils

2. handmade wooden EARTH WIND DESIRE diffuser

3. a bottle with a mixture of sea salt and herbs  


Burin - Dalmatian wind that cleans the clouds, brings fresh mountain air and gathers people by the fireplace.  

Contains essential oils: rosemary, peppermint, green myrtle, fir and lemon.


Instructions: simply pour the salt mixture into the diffuser bowl and 3-5 drops of essential oil into it. 

Repeat daily.

Sufficient for 8-10 m2 of space. 


Made in Croatia as collaboration of brands EARTH WIND DESIRE and BIOETERICA.

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