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Aromatherapy Set Tramontana

Aromatherapy Set Tramontana

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Don't know how to relax? Indulge in the gentle scents of TRAMONTANA, take a break from work and hard everyday life and fill yourself with fresh energy that will help you re-establish inner peace and balance of body and mind.  

Natural and functional, Earth Wind Desire handmade wooden diffuser turns your home into a small Mediterranean oasis. Enjoy the scent that will prepare you for the day or relieve you of accumulated stress.

The set contains:

1. ECOCERT BIOETERICA organic blend of Tramontana essential oils

2. handmade wooden EARTH WIND DESIRE diffuser

3. a bottle with a mixture of sea salt and herbs  


Tramontana - Dalmatian wind of strength and stability whose appearance is a harbinger of the beautification of time.  

Contains essential oils: lavender, lavandin, rosemary, green myrtle, tangerine, clary sage, cypress and bitter orange petit grain.


Instructions: simply pour the salt mixture into the diffuser bowl and 3-5 drops of essential oil into it. 

Repeat daily.

Sufficient for 8-10 m2 of space. 


Made in Croatia as collaboration of brands EARTH WIND DESIRE and BIOETERICA.

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