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Palo Santo Black Drop Holder

Palo Santo Black Drop Holder

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Behold, the vessel of sacred scents,

A palo santo holder, a true essence.


Crafted with care, from wood divine,

This holder elevates your palo santo to new heights.


Its intricate design, a work of art,

Fused with elegance, it touches the heart.


In it, you'll find a resting place,

For your palo santo to bring forth its grace.


Light it up, let the smoke arise,

As it purifies the air, and uplifts your vibes.


Let the aroma fill your space,

And immerse yourself in a state of grace.


For those who seek a sacred tool,

This palo santo holder, is surely the jewel.


A symbol of reverence, of beauty and peace,

It's a must-have for those on a spiritual feast.


So, get your hands on this exquisite holder,

And let the palo santo's magic unfold, in all its splendor.


Dimensions: fi=15cm 

Handcrafted in Croatia out of ebony wood and steel wire.

Package includes 2 palo santo sticks, l=10cm

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