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Palo Santo Red Cube Holder

Palo Santo Red Cube Holder

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Behold the beauty of this piece,

A holder for Palo Santo to release

Its fragrant smoke, a sacred scent

To cleanse and purify, with intent.


Crafted from a bold, red mahogany cube,

This holder's elegance will imbue

Your space with warmth and grace,

A sacred touch to any place.


Made from natural materials, pure,

Its simplicity will endure

The test of time, a lasting treasure

To enhance your space with pleasure.


So if you seek a place to rest

Your Palo Santo, at its best,

This red mahogany cube holder will do,

A perfect addition, just for you.


Dimensions: 15x15cm, h=8cm

Handcrafted in Croatia out of ebony wood and steel wire.

Package includes 2 palo santo sticks, l=10cm

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